Krys Freeman (@Blaktivist) Talks @BettaStop @ Women Who Code Lightning Talks

19 Dec

Krys Freeman (@bLaKtivist) discussed her experience in building and launching her first app, BettaSTOP as a non-developer. BettaSTOP is powered by Twilio through text messages and gives users the opportunity to give feedback on the buses they take on AC Transit. Krys came up with this idea through her direct experience riding public transit. When she proposed the idea at a Code for Oakland event, a team of about ten people came together to help her develop the first iteration of the app. (source)


#ClientClamor: Viviane Aires (@VSkinMakeup) Talks Launching Be Bonita! TV (@BeBonita)

19 Dec

#Beauty in #Media: Katherine Heigl Covers Elle, January 2012

14 Dec

To ring in the new year, Elle Magazine decided to focus their attention on Katherine Heigl. The 33-year-old actress opened up to tell readers about her goals, her career, and how she’s been perceived by the public. Knowing that she couldn’t be seen as a true American Sweetheart because of her “caustic, sarcastic, irreverent take on things,” she’s made it a goal for herself to be liked by all people. Heigl tells Elle she just “wants everyone to like [her], and it’s a ridiculous goal and it’s an impossible goal. But [if she] just keep[s] pushing forward and showing [herself] through and through, they will see [her] again for who [she truly is] and not what has been sort of spun about [her].”

Heigl also talks to Elle about balancing her stressful life. One of her tricks: taking a vitamin stress relief formula from Whole Foods. They keep her in a better mood and she refers to them as her happy pills. It’s understandable why she would need them, too. Heigl admitted that stress of Hollywood demands cause her to “overdramatize. And I think everything is at stake—my life, my career, my family, everything is at stake if this movie doesn’t do well.”

To read more from the article and check out more pictures from her photo shoot with photographer Carter Smith, click here.

#PR Tips: 5 Unique PR/Marketing Tips

12 Dec

So by now, most people are aware of how great blogging and social networking sites can be for marketing a brand. However, you don’t want to end up stuck doing “business as usual.” Here are five creative tips to spice up your PR/marketing:

1. Run a contest. People love to win things! Offer up a product or a service as a prize. Make it something people would want, but nothing that will cost you or your business. Make it easy for the public to enter and encourage clients to participate. You could also promote extra entries for those who spread the word and tell their friends. This is a fun way to get attention for your brand and promote company growth!

2. Conduct a survey. Poll the public and your clients to find out exactly what they want from you. Get creative with the questions and make it something fun for them to fill out. Make sure that after you receive feedback, you follow up and take their suggestions into consideration. Customers love to feel like their opinions are being heard.

3. Link up with a local non-profit or charitable organization of your choice. Find one that works for a cause you care about and join forces to promote each other. Create a public service announcement or a viral video to gain attention through viewership. This will also get clients and potential customers to realize that you care about something more than just your business.

4. Host an event. Either plan your own or volunteer your space to host an event for another business/organization. This will bring people into your venue and give them a chance to scope out all you have to offer. It will also familiarize the guests with your name and brand. To be even more successful with this tip, make sure all the guests are enjoying themselves!

5. Send out your press releases or articles in a creative way. For example, if you own a salon, roll up your article and put it inside of an empty shampoo bottle. Put a label on the front that reads something like, “At our salon, we offer more than just cuts and color. Look inside to see what we mean!” It will grab the reader’s interest immediately. Another creative trick, fill fortune cookies with slips of paper with your Twitter username printed on them. Another creative trick, fill fortune cookies with slips of paper with your Twitter username printed on them. According to Marketing Lagniappe, these Twikies (Twitter cookies) “are fun to look at, tasty, and informative, plus they get people excited…” These tricks are sure to leave people talking about you in a good way.

#PR Tips: What to Wear to Get the Job

8 Dec

One of the most stressful parts of job hunting is the interview process. First impressions are a big deal. You want to make sure you’re looking your best in order to make the best impression possible. With these tips, you’ll learn how to look sophisticated, yet stylish, for your next interview.

This first model is wearing a classic button-down shirt, layered with a blazer. The really nice thing about wearing two basic colors is that the print of her button-down allows her to add the right amount of creative flair without going overboard. Notice that her skirt is form-fitting, yet no higher than knee-length; you want to make sure you aren’t showing too much skin. She tops it all off with a simple necklace and belt, and her open-toe shoes are just professional enough to make it work!


This model is wearing a very basic gray dress. The length is still at the knee and the cut is professional, yet flattering. Even though the dress has no sleeves, I’d suggest wearing a blazer or a sweater to cover up, unless the business environment is less formal.. She keeps her own style by adding a funky necklace and a contrasting shoe.


These next four girls are all wearing acceptable attire for an interview. They are wearing dressier pants, and though they aren’t all wearing blazers, their shirts are cute, yet appropriate. Keep in mind, that while you’re shopping you can always buy outfits to mix-and-match for when you do land that job! Remember, neutral colors aren’t your only options.


No matter what you decide to wear for your interview, don’t forget to proudly wear your confidence and a smile. Good luck!


#PR Tips: 5 Favorite Social Media Tools

6 Dec

With all of the technology we have today, it’s no wonder that there are so many different social media tools out there for professionals to utilize. Many of them, like Facebook and LinkedIn are sites that most people are taking advantage of. However, there are many different, lesser-known social media tools that can be just as useful. These five are really awesome:

1. Want to gain an advantage over your business competition? This website is a great way to track their performance for free. It’s very easy to understand and it can be used in two different ways.  Site Trail lets users create a stream of their favorite websites, giving “trailers” the option to filter out what they don’t like. Site Trail also searches for as much information as it possibly can about any given website or domain name, then it compiles easy to understand reports that are accurate down to the number. It’s a great and easy way to keep tabs on all of your frequently-visited websites.

2. Looking for a creative, unused domain name for your website? Panabee doesn’t only check domain names, it’s unique in that it also helps you brainstorm for new names, depending on the topic of your search. It gives you options like translations, phonetic variations, related terms, and more to help you choose the domain name to best suit your needs.

3. Are you one of the few people who don’t have a Facebook account? Not to worry! Facebook search is a great tool that lets you check out all of the public information on Facebook, without having to create a new account. It makes public posts, photos, profiles, events, and groups available to those without accounts. It’s a great way to stay connected.

4. Are you a brand looking to manage your customer service on a large scale? Conversocial lets you connect with your customers, collaborate with others, and control your access all at once, while helping you manage your customer service through social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great way to get maximum reach for your updates and deal with responses efficiently.

5. Want an easy way to create a unique looking WordPress? Look no further, Lubith generates creative WordPress themes and takes you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to install them into your page. It also allows you to edit the themes they’ve already generated, in order for you to get the most satisfaction out of their services. It can save you time and money, and it’s so easy to use!

Women 2.0 (@Women2 Discusses) Women Who Code’s (@WWCODE) First Lightning Talks | Krys Freeman (@bLaKtivist) Highlighted

29 Nov

By Elaine Tsai (Organizer, Hack Nights for Beginners)

Lighting Talks

Women Who Code (WWCode) held our first lightning talks event on Tuesday, October 25. The event was filled with excitement, involvement, and proof that there are plenty of women interested in programming, hacking, and all things related to changing the gender gap in the tech industry.

With an amazing turnout rate of over 70 women, the ladies had plenty of time to meet new friends, reconnect over past programming projects and discuss new ideas. Sasha Laundy, founder of Women Who Code, kicked off the event by announcing that over 400 female coders have joined WWCode since it began in late September. She also announced the first WWCode expansion to the South Bay with an inaugural Hack Night at Hacker Dojo on November 14, an amazing accomplishment.

Lightning Talks is an event where women sign up to give a short five minute talk. The topics presented during this event ranged from live coding with Node.js to salary negotiations. Participation and discussion was lively with great questions from the audience and live tweeting with the #wwcode hashtag.

krys freemanSome of the highlights of the night included Judy Tuan’s demo of Portal 2 with the Kinect, Krys Freeman’s talk about her experience as a non-developer in building and launching her first app, BettaSTOP, and Sarah Allen’s thoughts on being a software engineer. After all the planned lightning talks were given, a handful of women stood up and gave their own talks, which ranged from impromptu pitches on projects they were working on to general announcements in the tech industry.

At the end of the night, everyone left with new friends, perhaps a slightly longer Twitter follower list, and new insights into the tech world. We would like to give a big thank you to our sponsors of the event. Twilio provided the food and drinks, and pariSoma donated the wonderful space.

Nine lightning talks were given during this first event.


WITH <3,