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Time Management Tips for a Better You!

27 Jun

The panic, the sweat, the panting, the heart racing. We’ve all felt this way before as we’ve struggled to make our flight or that fast approaching deadline. This isn’t fun. In fact, it’s quite stressful. Trust me, I know. You see, I’m a chronic procrastinator.

I start assignments late only to have to work harder (not smarter) to accomplish them. When I have a task set forth, I wait until the very last possible second to start them because, in my mind, they’re simple which means they won’t take long, right? Wrong! I’m that person you see waiting in line at the airport’s curb side check-in, tapping my foot, and checking my watch every second. I’m also the one who finally reaches airport security, only to see at least six lines filled with hundreds of people. I’m that person who then begs everyone else to let her through because there are only 20 minutes left until her plane departs. Yup, that’s me. Actually, that was me just a few days ago, and it wasn’t pretty. Though I did end up making my flight (woohoo), I did so by the skin of my teeth and with the help of some very nice and understanding Chicagoans. And after this highly emotional, painstakingly nerve wrecking experience (yes, I’m a bit dramatic), I realized that I could no long put things off until the very last minute.

I didn’t want to be the one running through the airport, pushing past children, knocking down the elderly, or jumping over suitcases! Instead, I wanted to be the calm, cool, and collected person who arrives with enough time to breathe, relax, and know that I’ve made my flight. I no longer wanted to be the person who didn’t turn in her very best work because she started the assignment the same day it was due.

If any of this sounds familiar shout, “Away, begone, enough!” I’m ready to make some changes, and if you’re ready to do the same, here are five easy steps you can take to manage your time more efficiently and present a better, (less stressed) you!

We’ve got some pretty simple tips that work!

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Krys Freeman (@Blaktivist) Talks @BettaStop @ Women Who Code Lightning Talks

19 Dec

Krys Freeman (@bLaKtivist) discussed her experience in building and launching her first app, BettaSTOP as a non-developer. BettaSTOP is powered by Twilio through text messages and gives users the opportunity to give feedback on the buses they take on AC Transit. Krys came up with this idea through her direct experience riding public transit. When she proposed the idea at a Code for Oakland event, a team of about ten people came together to help her develop the first iteration of the app. (source)

Introducing… @BeBonita TV

14 Nov

We have to start this blog by saying THANK YOU to all of lovely women and men who support the Be Bonita movement, created by Ardor Brand client, Viviane Aires. We have blissfully watched our movement grow. So many have contributed to the progress of this movement and now we’ve decided to take the Be Bonita campaign to the next level with Be Bonita TV.

Be Bonita TV is all about YOU! This is our way of giving back to the supporters who have given us amazing feedback, constructive criticism and great suggestions. We realize now that we want you to SEE what this movement is all about. Through Be Bonita TV, we want to connect with our supporters in a new way, using video blogs to encourage and educate women who are eager to learn more about heath, beauty and wellness.

We are eager to hear more of your thoughts and suggestion for future topics that will be covered on Be Bonita TV. So if there is a beauty enthusiast or skincare diva who you would like to see interviewed on Be Bonita TV, TELL US! If there’s a new beauty product or skin treatment that you would like more information on, LET US KNOW!

Feel free to contact us via email:

And as always, remember that Be Bonita is not just a slogan… it’s a way of life!

with <3,


Things #Editors & #Writers Hate: Round 1

3 Oct

Remember when we talked about how to make the perfect pitch to your soon-to-be favorite beauty editor?

Well, we thought it’d be helpful to give you a few helpful responses from some of our favorite editors … and NO, they won’t all be beauty editors!


To prove it … first on our list is WE LOVE DC.

We Love DC is the largest locally-owned DC news and lifestyle blog, covering News, Sports, Food, Transit, Politics and Music for all of DC. tweets

@ArdorBrandPR Pitches that aren’t remotely personal, or that make clear the flack has never seen our site.

@ArdorBrandPR Pitches that include poor grammar and spelling. Pitches that get our name wrong.

@ArdorBrandPR So, basically, all of the pitches we get from about a dozen big shops that should know better.


We’ve got to agree, we SHOULD know better.


Beauty, hair, & lifestyle blogger, Vee Lechele Gilbert, from Dime On a Dime, spoke up as well. is the premier source for budget friendly information on Fashion, Beauty, Home and Natural haircare. … More than entertainment, the blog is a real extension of its editor’s lifestyle. It sends a message to women of any color, age, social status or economical background, that not only CAN you feel fabulous, but that you DESERVE to.

dime on a dime ardor brand

dime on a dime tweets

RT @ardorbrandpr: @DimeOnADime what pr habits do you detest when it comes to product/review pitches? <poor communication is numero uno!

@ardorbrandpr I can’t stand when PR comps send product without enough info about the product so I have to do additional research or…

@ardorbrandpr they want 2 run a giveaway but don’t give specifics about the rules. Once the post is live, they ask me 2 make changes! UGH!

What do you think?  Are you an editor or writer that’s had these things happen to you?  Hopefully you’re not a PR doing any of the above.  Wherever you stand … or fall … do share below.

Tweet us if you’d like to join the convo on twitter!

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Perfecting Pitches for #Beauty Writers

29 Sep

You know that here at THE ARDOR BRAND, we’re entranced by all things beautiful.  Admittedly, we do a little lifestyle and arts & entertainment representation as well … but even those clients are beautiful. ❤

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Our point: We are constantly communicating with beauty writers or bloggers.

So, we polled TAB staff and interns and decided that the following are a few of the most important things to remember when making that perfect pitch!

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#MarketWatch Monday: Fall 2011 #Makeup #Trends

29 Aug

Hey, you there! PR/Marketing/Advertising Pro! You’re on the cutting edge of everything, you’ve got all the right connects, and people LOVE to be around you, correct?!

Thought so!  Question is … do you look like it?

For so many of us, the work day DOES NOT end.  What does that mean?  It means one heck of a work week … but it also means, taking that extra step to be sure you’ve got it together!  How are you to PROVE to your clients that you’re the top authority on beauty, fashion, or media trends if you LOOK like you’ve never picked up a magazine … or most importantly, never used Google.

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23 Aug

We were just brushing up on social media trends for 2011 (Why wouldn’t we be? Does the Ardor Agenda not state that we serve our clients “by constantly developing our  knowledge-base, skills, and connections, through and for the growth and development of your brand”) when we discovered an old post (from November of 2010) by Stephanie Schwab  on Social Media Explorer.

We found her discussion of consumer content concentration so perfect that we had no choice but to share it with you.

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