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WE <3 Oscar De La Renta's, Live In Love Marketing Campaign!

28 Jun

“Created for women by a man who adores them.”

Oh, Oscar, and we adore you!

Whoever’s behind the marketing department at Oscar De La Renta TOTALLY understands that we need a key message, and we need it quickly!
It takes them less than 26 seconds to tell us EXACTLY why we need this product!

It’s not just the key messaging behind this product that we adore …

take a peek at some of the pics from the campaign over at our Creative Director’s blog, KholiOli.Com!



what the de la Renta MARKETING TEAM GOT RIGHT!


Bare Escentuals Fall 2011 Ad Campaign: “Pretty’s Not Enough”

8 Sep

We are absolutely ENAMORED with the new Bare Escentuals Ad Campaign!  It’s gorgeous … more than that … it’s got GREAT + STRONG messaging!

Read the press after the JUMP + watch the newest commercial from the “Force of Beauty Campaign!

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#FASHION #MARKETING: J C Penney Pulls “I’m Too Pretty…” Tee

1 Sep

Our client, Viviane Aires (skin health expert and esthetician), has launched a new mutli-cultural/multi-cultural multi-media (whoa! that’s a lot of variance) campaign for women … and men!  You can keep up to date with the Be Bonita! campaign at!

We were perusing the blog this morning and came upon some really interesting info … so of course we had to repost.


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Carrie Kholi of KholiOli.Com Seeks to Feature #Philadelphia #Startups and Small Businesses

19 Aug


Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Seeks to Feature Philadelphia Startups and Small Businesses

September 5, 2011, marks the launching of a brand new website design featuring brand partners, sponsors, and exclusive site incentives and stories.  KholiOli.Com seeks to explore and present web and business to client marketing, and social media network expansion in a new and creative light.

Carrie Kholi, founder and sole contributor to KholiOli.Com, is launching several blog series and contests beginning in the fall of 2011, continuing into 2012.  Kholi will feature topics ranging from women in business- including interviews with author and martial arts expert, Becky Sheetz, PR to the stars, Natasha Brown, fashion stylist and retail buyer, Jeneen Nicole, and more- to creative problem solving, new media interaction, and fall fashion trends.

“This blog and I have been together for three years now; on and off through thick and thin.  I’ve gotten so many emails, phone calls, Facebook messages … people have stopped me while I’m at the grocery store telling me how much my writing has helped them.  This is really encouraging; yet, slightly overwhelming.  As I mature, I think it’s time to take the attention off of myself.”

As a full-time PhD graduate student and entrepreneur, Kholi—also copywriter for multiple Philadelphia businesses and national public figures—currently uses KholiOli.Com to encourage a balance between emotional well-being, creative expression, and pursuing dreams while maintaining personal style and brand integrity.

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#PhillyFinds: #Design Finds, #QRCODES & #PR/#Marketing on a Dime

15 Aug

So we were out and about in Center City yesterday!  Yes, we’ll admit, we were at Sampan … again!  But the point is … well the point is, we do what we want.  We love Sampan Philly … we shall frequent there as much as we can!  Plus … the kimchee fried rice is $4 during happy hour!  Who passes that up?!

Anyways … in between cruising up and down Samson and stalking amazing cuisine (which trust us, is not hard to do on Samson) … we discovered a new parking complex.  This might not necessarily strike one as news … but if you live in or near Center City … or just frequent the location … you know that parking can be a bit of a hassle.

  Well, we thought we’d bring you a little more info.  I’m sure their PR folks tell it better anyways!

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#MARKETING: HOW TO: Successfully Run a Social Media Contest

25 Jul

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. ( 

Online contests can be a great way to build a fan base, gather data and engage an audience. Whether you have run a contest previously or not, there are four things to keep in mind as you prepare for, and execute, your campaign.

1. Get The Lay of the Land

Start with a clear understanding of your target audience and marketing objectives. Too often I’ve seen a clever promotional concept that is not well aligned with desired outcomes or simply doesn’t resonate with the consumer. Acknowledge the assets and limitations you have to work with. It is important to understand your audience and what you expect from them. It is also important to think about the appropriate channel for engagement, whether it be on your brand site or blog, a Facebook PageTwitter, etc.

One of the biggest fears people have when it comes to setting up a contest is rules and regulations. Legal and policy concerns may seem like a daunting deterrent, but they needn’t be. So long as you adhere to some key criteria in the administration of your contest, there should be little to worry about. If you don’t have legal resources in-house, choose a promotional services company that can help advise you.

If you are planning to use Facebook for your promotion, be sure you are familiar with their Promotions Guidelines. Using a third-party application is important when conducting a contest on Facebook, but be sure that your application developer is familiar with all of Facebook’s platform policies. The guidelines for running a contest on Twitter are a bit less restrictive, but there are also limitations to what can be done with a promotion in 140 characters.

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#MARKETING: Tom Ford’s Fall 2011 #Ad Campaign

13 Jul

We ❤ EVERYTHING that’s happening here!

Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel vamps it up for Tom Ford’s 2011 fall/winter ad campaign.  Dubbed “Night Temptress,” the sexy ads were shot by superstar photographers Mert & Marcus and feature Candice rocking bleached eyebrows, wearing a few of the designer’s sumptuous and oh so dramatic creations. (source)

Doth we see a little sampling of the 2011 Fall MUST-HAVE Color Trends from Pantone?

Shhh … Don’t tell anyone we told you!

with <3,