#PR Tips: 5 Unique PR/Marketing Tips

12 Dec

So by now, most people are aware of how great blogging and social networking sites can be for marketing a brand. However, you don’t want to end up stuck doing “business as usual.” Here are five creative tips to spice up your PR/marketing:

1. Run a contest. People love to win things! Offer up a product or a service as a prize. Make it something people would want, but nothing that will cost you or your business. Make it easy for the public to enter and encourage clients to participate. You could also promote extra entries for those who spread the word and tell their friends. This is a fun way to get attention for your brand and promote company growth!

2. Conduct a survey. Poll the public and your clients to find out exactly what they want from you. Get creative with the questions and make it something fun for them to fill out. Make sure that after you receive feedback, you follow up and take their suggestions into consideration. Customers love to feel like their opinions are being heard.

3. Link up with a local non-profit or charitable organization of your choice. Find one that works for a cause you care about and join forces to promote each other. Create a public service announcement or a viral video to gain attention through viewership. This will also get clients and potential customers to realize that you care about something more than just your business.

4. Host an event. Either plan your own or volunteer your space to host an event for another business/organization. This will bring people into your venue and give them a chance to scope out all you have to offer. It will also familiarize the guests with your name and brand. To be even more successful with this tip, make sure all the guests are enjoying themselves!

5. Send out your press releases or articles in a creative way. For example, if you own a salon, roll up your article and put it inside of an empty shampoo bottle. Put a label on the front that reads something like, “At our salon, we offer more than just cuts and color. Look inside to see what we mean!” It will grab the reader’s interest immediately. Another creative trick, fill fortune cookies with slips of paper with your Twitter username printed on them. Another creative trick, fill fortune cookies with slips of paper with your Twitter username printed on them. According to Marketing Lagniappe, these Twikies (Twitter cookies) “are fun to look at, tasty, and informative, plus they get people excited…” These tricks are sure to leave people talking about you in a good way.


One Response to “#PR Tips: 5 Unique PR/Marketing Tips”

  1. Mana 12/13/2011 at 11:28 AM #

    Thanks so much for featuring out Twikies! 🙂

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