#PR Tips: What to Wear to Get the Job

8 Dec

One of the most stressful parts of job hunting is the interview process. First impressions are a big deal. You want to make sure you’re looking your best in order to make the best impression possible. With these tips, you’ll learn how to look sophisticated, yet stylish, for your next interview.

This first model is wearing a classic button-down shirt, layered with a blazer. The really nice thing about wearing two basic colors is that the print of her button-down allows her to add the right amount of creative flair without going overboard. Notice that her skirt is form-fitting, yet no higher than knee-length; you want to make sure you aren’t showing too much skin. She tops it all off with a simple necklace and belt, and her open-toe shoes are just professional enough to make it work!


This model is wearing a very basic gray dress. The length is still at the knee and the cut is professional, yet flattering. Even though the dress has no sleeves, I’d suggest wearing a blazer or a sweater to cover up, unless the business environment is less formal.. She keeps her own style by adding a funky necklace and a contrasting shoe.


These next four girls are all wearing acceptable attire for an interview. They are wearing dressier pants, and though they aren’t all wearing blazers, their shirts are cute, yet appropriate. Keep in mind, that while you’re shopping you can always buy outfits to mix-and-match for when you do land that job! Remember, neutral colors aren’t your only options.


No matter what you decide to wear for your interview, don’t forget to proudly wear your confidence and a smile. Good luck!



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