#PRTips: Mythbusters: Why Small Companies Need Marketing Strategies

21 Nov

Some things that small business owners believe to be true about marketing strategies are far from the truth! Check out these mythbusters, from an article by Park Avenue PR:

1. Marketing isn’t in the budget. Marketing budgets don’t have to be huge! You don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to sell your services. According to Park Avenue Public Relations, “A marketing budget is an essential part of a business’ overall strategy and planning process, and should always be factored in as an essential cost.”

2. PR  and marketing don’t directly translate into sales. Everything takes time! It might just take a little bit of patience and effort before any real changes can be seen. Be consistent and keep working hard to promote your brand. Park Avenue PR says, “Remember, PR and marketing is not short-term; it is a long-term commitment to building up your brand.”

3. The services/products will sell themselves. Though we’re not doubting the quality of your services/products, it’s important to get your brand name out there. It’s a good way to introduce what you’re selling to potential clients as well as creatively encourage them to purchase your brand over other competitors! “A good agency will take your product and make sure that the right people see it, use it and talk about it.”

4. Big PR companies cost a lot and won’t pay attention to smaller accounts. “There are plenty of boutique agencies that have highly specialised areas of expertise,” just like the Ardor Brand. You just have to take the time to look around and find an agency that will listen to your needs and focus on what your brand needs to succeed!

5. It’s fine to only advertise when we need a boost in sales. Marketing and PR are always important! They not only help with boosting sales but they also help to build a strong brand image that your clients will be able to remember and relate to. With a smart PR and marketing strategy, you’ll be able to create a successful brand and enjoy the benefits!

To read the whole article, click here.



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