Introducing… @BeBonita TV

14 Nov

We have to start this blog by saying THANK YOU to all of lovely women and men who support the Be Bonita movement, created by Ardor Brand client, Viviane Aires. We have blissfully watched our movement grow. So many have contributed to the progress of this movement and now we’ve decided to take the Be Bonita campaign to the next level with Be Bonita TV.

Be Bonita TV is all about YOU! This is our way of giving back to the supporters who have given us amazing feedback, constructive criticism and great suggestions. We realize now that we want you to SEE what this movement is all about. Through Be Bonita TV, we want to connect with our supporters in a new way, using video blogs to encourage and educate women who are eager to learn more about heath, beauty and wellness.

We are eager to hear more of your thoughts and suggestion for future topics that will be covered on Be Bonita TV. So if there is a beauty enthusiast or skincare diva who you would like to see interviewed on Be Bonita TV, TELL US! If there’s a new beauty product or skin treatment that you would like more information on, LET US KNOW!

Feel free to contact us via email:

And as always, remember that Be Bonita is not just a slogan… it’s a way of life!

with <3,



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