Things #Editors & #Writers Hate: Round 1

3 Oct

Remember when we talked about how to make the perfect pitch to your soon-to-be favorite beauty editor?

Well, we thought it’d be helpful to give you a few helpful responses from some of our favorite editors … and NO, they won’t all be beauty editors!


To prove it … first on our list is WE LOVE DC.

We Love DC is the largest locally-owned DC news and lifestyle blog, covering News, Sports, Food, Transit, Politics and Music for all of DC. tweets

@ArdorBrandPR Pitches that aren’t remotely personal, or that make clear the flack has never seen our site.

@ArdorBrandPR Pitches that include poor grammar and spelling. Pitches that get our name wrong.

@ArdorBrandPR So, basically, all of the pitches we get from about a dozen big shops that should know better.


We’ve got to agree, we SHOULD know better.


Beauty, hair, & lifestyle blogger, Vee Lechele Gilbert, from Dime On a Dime, spoke up as well. is the premier source for budget friendly information on Fashion, Beauty, Home and Natural haircare. … More than entertainment, the blog is a real extension of its editor’s lifestyle. It sends a message to women of any color, age, social status or economical background, that not only CAN you feel fabulous, but that you DESERVE to.

dime on a dime ardor brand

dime on a dime tweets

RT @ardorbrandpr: @DimeOnADime what pr habits do you detest when it comes to product/review pitches? <poor communication is numero uno!

@ardorbrandpr I can’t stand when PR comps send product without enough info about the product so I have to do additional research or…

@ardorbrandpr they want 2 run a giveaway but don’t give specifics about the rules. Once the post is live, they ask me 2 make changes! UGH!

What do you think?  Are you an editor or writer that’s had these things happen to you?  Hopefully you’re not a PR doing any of the above.  Wherever you stand … or fall … do share below.

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with <3,



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