#CLIENTCLAMOR: BUTCH Voices supports Chaz Bono’s Appearance on NBC’s Dancing with the Stars

13 Sep

BUTCH Voices is “Pro-Bono”


EW.com – Story and Photo

Holding the broad tent of identities that are a part of the BUTCH Voices community has not always been an easy task, but one that we value highly.  Conversations across identity – gender, race, sexuality, ability, class, background, and size – are key components in creating spaces that are not only diverse, but also welcoming, accepting, and conducive to positive change.

This season on Dancing with the Stars, NBC has added Chaz Bono to its lineup – this is the first time a transgender person has been featured on the program.  We at BUTCH Voices are near ecstatic.  We understand that Chaz being featured will not heal all hurts or solve all problems.  Still, we recognize this as step in the direction of positive visibility.  We are not alone in this belief.

Robin Tyler (butch elder, comedian and Executive Director of Equality Campaign), along with attorney Gloria Allred, and comedian/activist Belinda Carroll (long-time BUTCH Voices ally and supporter who has hosted fundraisers for BUTCH Voices in Austin in 2009 and Portland in 2011, and participated in the organizing committee for BUTCH Voices Portland in 2010) have taken a stand in support of Chaz.  They have established a Facebook page and twitter account encouraging LGBTQ folks and their allies in cities across the country to host viewing parties to show their support of Chaz. [Read more…]


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