Bare Escentuals Fall 2011 Ad Campaign: “Pretty’s Not Enough”

8 Sep

We are absolutely ENAMORED with the new Bare Escentuals Ad Campaign!  It’s gorgeous … more than that … it’s got GREAT + STRONG messaging!

Read the press after the JUMP + watch the newest commercial from the “Force of Beauty Campaign!


“Pretty,” says an actress in a commercial for the campaign, “is what you are. Beauty is what you do with it.” The theme for the campaign is “Be a Force of Beauty.”

“We can all be pretty, but beauty is an action,” said Leslie Blodgett, the executive chairman of Bare Escentuals. “Hopefully it’s a rally cry for ‘Don’t just be pretty and sit there and get your picture taken and do nothing.’ ”

Simon Cowell, the chief marketing officer of Bare Escentuals, said the company realized there was an audience it had not yet reached through its boutiques, wholesale partners or the use of home shopping networks like QVC. “We need to talk to them about our brand before they show up at one of our counters,” Mr. Cowell said.


For the full NY Times Article by Tanzina Vega, CLICK HERE.

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