#FASHION #MARKETING: J C Penney Pulls “I’m Too Pretty…” Tee

1 Sep

Our client, Viviane Aires (skin health expert and esthetician), has launched a new mutli-cultural/multi-cultural multi-media (whoa! that’s a lot of variance) campaign for women … and men!  You can keep up to date with the Be Bonita! campaign at http://bebonita.com!

We were perusing the blog this morning and came upon some really interesting info … so of course we had to repost.



This T-shirt, marketed to girls, was pulled from J.C. Penney's website after customers complained.This T-shirt, marketed to girls, was pulled from J.C. Penney’s website after customers complained.

A few months ago, the Internet was up in arms over a white David & Goliath T-Shirt that read, in pink bubble letters, “I’m too pretty to do math.” Then there was the one with “Future Trophy Wife” written on it.

But many parents think this one is worse.

The long-sleeve T-shirt that J.C. Penney pulled off its website today amid plenty of parental outrage read: “I’m too pretty to do my homework so my brother has to do it for me.” And, judging by the description of the shirt on the J.C. Penney website—”Who has time for homework when there’s a new Justin Bieber album out? She’ll love this tee that’s just as cute and sassy as she is”—it seems like the company didn’t have a problem with the shirt until customers started to complain.

Thanks, major clothing retailers. We struggle to teach our girls that beauty isn’t everything, that they don’t have to play dumb in order to be popular, that women can be both smart and pretty.  But, even though studies show that girls are as good at math as boys, even with beautiful movie stars earning Ivy League degrees in between blockbuster hits, the stereotypes persist—thanks in large part to messages like the one on that “cute and sassy” T-shirt marketed to girls age 7 to 16.

You can read the FULL ARTICLE here.

But what we want to know is … how do you feel about this?  What messages do you get as a mother?  A young girl?  Or in between?

While Be Bonita’s asking those questions … we have to ask you: what does this say for trends in fashion marketing or teen/tween advertising?  Have we moved back towards the general community consensus that girls should  be beautiful and boys should be smart?  Did we ever leave this idea?  One would assume for JC Penney to even use create this product, they assessed many pieces of research material.  So this is what the research is showing, hmmm?

Also, what do you think is in the works now for Penney’s PR?  We’re waiting with anticipation.

We’re not really judging this one.  Just interested in feedback.


with <3,




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