Carrie Kholi of KholiOli.Com Seeks to Feature #Philadelphia #Startups and Small Businesses

19 Aug


Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Seeks to Feature Philadelphia Startups and Small Businesses

September 5, 2011, marks the launching of a brand new website design featuring brand partners, sponsors, and exclusive site incentives and stories.  KholiOli.Com seeks to explore and present web and business to client marketing, and social media network expansion in a new and creative light.

Carrie Kholi, founder and sole contributor to KholiOli.Com, is launching several blog series and contests beginning in the fall of 2011, continuing into 2012.  Kholi will feature topics ranging from women in business- including interviews with author and martial arts expert, Becky Sheetz, PR to the stars, Natasha Brown, fashion stylist and retail buyer, Jeneen Nicole, and more- to creative problem solving, new media interaction, and fall fashion trends.

“This blog and I have been together for three years now; on and off through thick and thin.  I’ve gotten so many emails, phone calls, Facebook messages … people have stopped me while I’m at the grocery store telling me how much my writing has helped them.  This is really encouraging; yet, slightly overwhelming.  As I mature, I think it’s time to take the attention off of myself.”

As a full-time PhD graduate student and entrepreneur, Kholi—also copywriter for multiple Philadelphia businesses and national public figures—currently uses KholiOli.Com to encourage a balance between emotional well-being, creative expression, and pursuing dreams while maintaining personal style and brand integrity.

“I’m passionate about dreams,” says Kholi.  “Every day, there are three things I write in my journal: ‘Dreams are real.’  ‘You are it.  Everything.’  And ‘I’m hungry.  … I study amazing brands and businesses all day every day.  I frequent new shops and boutiques just to get inspiration.  I know I’m not the only one with these inane habits,” Kholi kids. “It’s time for me to shine light on other peoples’ stories.’’

If you are a beauty, fashion, or lifestyle business owner or brand representative interested in having your brand featured on KholiOli.Com, please contact and include “KOC Outreach” as your subject.  You can also contact Kholi directly via Facebook ( or Twitter (@kholi).


Melissa Patterson

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Ardor Brand PR & Marketing provides a real-time, hands-on approach to growing your brand’s web presence, brand and product placement, and specialized public relations and marketing services.  Elements Organization is an Ardor Brand, PR & Marketing pro-bono client.




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