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8 Aug

After inhaling delicious edamame, vegetable dumplings, and Siojo Signature Sangria at Siojo Salon’s Industry Meet & Greet on Friday, we, somehow, decided that we were still starving (blame it on the mayhem of mixing and mingling … or the alcohol, whatever works for you).

So, finding Mercato to be incredibly overcrowded and Velanni to be … well … just not what are taste buds required for the evening, we strolled a couple blocks into the heart of Center City and decided on Sampan.

Best decision made the entire day!

Why, you ask?  Because this is a restaurant that understands the business of PR.  And we mean PR … not just public relations (though scrolling through their Press Page shows they certainly have a handle on that as well).

When we first arrived, we were told we’d have a fifteen minute wait.  Guess what?  It literally was fifteen minutes … actually less.  It was 13.  And that was ALL we needed at 10pm to ensure a perfect rest of the night.

Although our waitress was a tad busy, causing her to be a little forgetful/slow with the lemon for out water (the only drinks we ordered), the restaurant more than made up for it with complimentary appetizers from the executive chef.

Not only were we comped edamame dumplings filled with delicious pea shoots, truffles, and sake broth, but immediately after we were brought the General Tso dumpling (chicken, soy, vinegar). These treats made us more than willing to pay for our already ordered Kim Chee fried rice.

Now what made us so special?  Was it that 3 out of 4 of our table members had already checked in on Four Square and discussed our outing on Twitter?  Was it that Kholi, our client and CEO, included pics?  Were they aware that pleasing bloggers and respected foodies is the quickest way to secure FREE PR for your brand?

Whatever the reason- between the comped service, great food, meeting the chef, and having the evening manager come out and say, “Did you enjoy everything?  So that means we’re going to get a great write up, right?”- Sampan secured a lifelong customer.  We believe in great PR … and we give our service to great restaurants who (despite being a tad overt in efforts) understand its importance.  Sampan understands the client’s time constraints and knows, once you’ve made the customer feel special, you’ve hooked them.  Period.

So we know, you’re wondering, when does this blog get to be less about telling you to visit Sampan and more about helping you build your brand?

Right NOW!  We haven’t talked much about restaurants as lifestyle brands.  However, your customers are what they eat … and the places they frequent.  So read below.  Then act accordingly.


Publicity Tips for Restaurants, Chefs & Foodies

  • Call the food editor or columnist from your local newspaper and invite her to lunch or coffee—or to your restaurant. Offer yourself as a resource. Ask “how can I help you?” Feed her tips and story ideas. Become such a valuable source that she keeps coming back to you for more information and eventually writes about you. See How to be a Valuable News Source the Media Love.
  • Produce your own television show on your cable TV company’s community access channel. The station will rent you the camera equipment for about $20. You can produce either one show or an entire series of programs, from how to cook with fresh garden produce to a show on how to buy fine wines. Air time is free. Call your cable company for details. See Host Your Own Cable TV Show.
  • Build a network of other restaurant and food industry professionals—even if they are your competitors. Agree informally that you will refer reporters to each other whenever the media calls. Often, reporters want more than one source for a story. It’s a chance for all of you to get additional publicity.
  • Whenever someone asks you to write for their electronic newsletter or online magazine, visit their web site first and see if they have a resource section where you would be a good fit. Ask to be listed for free, in exchange for providing an article.
  • If you publish an interesting print newsletter with information about new trends in your industry, helpful tips for your employees or interesting stories about things that happen in your restaurant, send complimentary issues to local and national food columnists, food reporters, restaurant industry trade publications and other publications whose audiences you want to get in front of. You’ll be amazed at how many reporters start calling you for interviews.

Want more tips, click here


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