#PR #BEAUTY #BRANDS: 5 Steps for Media Management

6 Jul

As a beauty brand, it can be difficult “doing your work” all day … while also “promoting” or “talking about” your work all day!  The Ardor Brand is more than happy to help you with this … but in all actuality … even if we do it for you … as brand, and as a client, you need to be informed.  Below, are 6-steps to “Media Management” (and no!  not the media management we think of when referring to editing video files).

1) Monitoring : Meaning “Let’s pay attention!” | What are people saying about you?  Who’s talking about your services?  Who’s talking about services that you provide … that you don’t know yet!  How can you make a connection?

2) Response: Say something, already!  | This is how companies respond to clients, potential clients, competition, or collaborators!

3) Social presence: Where are you? | Got Facebook?  What about Twitter?  What about LinkedIn?  What about Blippy?  Are you on Beautylish?  How can you make a name and voice for your brand across social spaces?

4) Social Interaction Management:  Pay attention to what you say and how you say it!

5) Social Media Training: EVERY EMPLOYEE should be trained for social media!


Do you think you can handle this?  Not that we don’t think you can … but all great people … and every great brand … has an even GREATER team!


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