5 Jul

We know that EVERYONE is talking about summer!  What you can wear … how you can do your makeup … “basically everything else” for the summer!  But do you know why?!?

Summer is the best time (aside from spring) to catch people outside, on the move, and ready to mix and mingle!  Take advantage of that!  Make the season work for you!



Be sure that you and your brand are JUST as ready to mix and mingle!


The Block Party: Whether you’re in the city or out of the city … you know a GOOD BLOCK PARTY!  Now … you need to know how to network while you’re there!  Be sure to use the new faces and energy to your benefit!  How can these folks help you?

Internships: If you’re looking to attract young and fresh energy, offering an internship summer program could be a fantastic way to attract high school and college students. They could learn the ropes and do just about anything around the office that doesn’t require a license. You can start off by contacting local schools and colleges, advertising in the job classifieds, and submit press releases for local papers or magazines to cover for additional exposure.

Ice Cream Social: Everybody likes ice cream (well, mostly everyone!) and this can be a fantastic event for your farm or marketing prospects. All you need to do is either set up in a community center with games or activities and all the fixings for ice cream sundaes, or you can partner with local ice cream shops to see about hosting an event there.

Community Day Marketing: Many areas have a community day celebration complete with vendor booths and events and activities for the whole family. Reserve a spot, set up a tent and table, and have something phenomenal to give away, such as a raffle or promotion.  You’ll have all types of new prospects to follow up on by the end of the day.

Weekend Getaway: If you have a few close past clients, organizing a fun group camp or getaway could be a fantastic way to reconnect on a personal level and hopefully increase the referral business. Invite them to bring a friend or two along, and you may just have a few new clients while you’re taking a mini-vacation!

Wedding Crashers: While I would never suggest being a wedding crasher, June is one of the most well loved months for weddings, which can be a fantastic source of first time home buyers … networking with a wedding planner can be a fantastic source for referrals. You might also want to scope out the announcements section of the newspaper.

Summer Promotional Gifts: Whether it’s a Frisbee or a beach ball or golf balls, there are all types of promotional gifts that are geared for summer that can work well for mail campaigns or other promotional events.

Summer BBQ: Fire up that charcoal grill, get some of your picnic favorites, and celebrate summer with your past clients, neighbors, or farm. It can be a fantastic way to get more referrals and clients with a small careful plotting and creativity.

The options are endless for possible summer marketing thoughts. Reckon about the events that are going on in your community and how you can be involved. Have any creative summer marketing thoughts you’d like to share? We’d like to hear about them in the comments below!




with <3,

Ardor Brand, LLC.


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