#MARKETING: Mediocre vs. MAGNIFICENT Marketing

30 Jun

It’s 1937, Sicily … and in walks 3 women and a kid It’s everyday, at your office, and your goal is to create MAGNIFICENT, as opposed to mediocre, marketing campaigns for clients that are even more MAGNIFICENT!

Where do you start?  What do you do?  What are your goals?

Lucky for you, the Ardor Brand is thinking JUST that … everyday … so, we’ve decided to take the time and share a few key points!


Figure out what it is you’re trying to do.  Make the messages clear.  Are you trying to BRAND a person, place, or thing?  What about (insert noun here) is appealing?  Are you trying to sell a new product that helps with hair root stimulation?  Then your copy should be about the product, not about selling the product (this makes sense … just think about it).  REMEMBER: Be clear.  Be to “the” point, not several points.


Appreciate aesthetics.  Study great advertising.  Pay attention and think about what makes those big money adds appealing.  Is there open space?  High-quality graphics?  Clean lines.  Whatver it is that stands out to you … keep in mind that you’ll get what you pay for.


Mean what you say and say what you mean.  No grand trickeries or lifetime exclusive never before seen you cant this anywhere else type language here.  Your product should seel itself.  The copy should enhance it.  What does it do?  How does it do it?  Why do I need it? Amen.

“When writing copy for a promotional piece, ask yourself if every sentence, every word is helping you achieve your goal. If not, leave it out.”


Consider multimedia … and use it … but ONLY if it works for your client!  Are you promoting corn-husking utensils with a wii-based video program?  You’ve probably got the wrong idea.  Are you advertising new make-up products via beauty blogs using multiple forms of interactive social media?  DING DING DING, we’ve got a winner!


So … take this … run with it … MAKE IT YOUR OWN!  And for goodness sake, GET TO WORK!

with <3,

Ardor Brand, LLC.


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