TIPS & TRENDS: New Media Marketing | How To Teach Your Clients

23 Jun

So, we’ve been having a lot of discussions about “new media” in the office lately.  This made us want to do a blog specifically for industry professionals … especially those young loves, just getting in the business.

Dealing with clients that know they deserve the best in all things PR & MARKETING (which of course your clients are), including press, social media, and otherwise, means you often find yourself in the position of educator.  THIS IS OK.  Embrace it!

YOUR CLIENTS NEED TRANSPARENCY!  Don’t be afraid to be open about the terms you use with them.
Need a refresher course on what some of these concepts mean?  Read below!

— New Media Marketing is a relatively new concept used by businesses and academia.  When we think about creating an online community, a community which allows your clients to mix and mingle online while extolling their personal or business brand, we’re thinking about new media marketing — for the most part. We’re thinking blogs, podcast, message boards, product reviews Wikipedia, etc.

Speaking of Wikipedia, here’s what they’ve got to say:

One of the primary arguments to promote New Media Marketing is the premise that traditional advertising is losing its influence on consumers. Backed by statistical evidence demonstrating a growing trend of consumers making purchasing decisions off Internet research and referrals. These advocates strongly adhere to the notion that consumers are more inclined to believe feedback from like-minded peers than corporate marketing verbiage dispersed through traditional television, radio, direct mail, or newspaper advertising.

Although businesses would be exposing certain weaknesses to the marketplace by allowing individuals, or even competitors, to post critical comments, responding with an honest and transparent answer designed around solving the issue at hand may mitigate potential risks.

New Media Marketing is most effectively marketed by Internet-driven technology such as blogs, RSS, Web video productions, podcasts and social networking platforms.

So what do you think?  Can you explain this to your clients?  We sure hope so … because you’re the expert, remember!

With <3,

Ardor Brand, LLC.


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