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10 Jun

A friend of mine who has been hired to do the marketing for a new company pulled me aside the other day. Wendy, she said, is it okay if I stop by and get a personal lesson on how to use WordPress and those social networks sites?

And right there, that pretty much sums up what the problem with marketing is these days. Everyone knows that if you have a company you and it need to be represented on LinkedIn, have constant tweets on Twitter, and have “one of those” blog things. You probably also need to have a website, but doesn’t a blog kind of cover that?

All great buzz words but essentially meaningless, especially to the older, more mature marketer.

Guess what? Not every company needs to be involved in heavy social media marketing, but here’s the rub – if you don’t at least have some sort of presence reputation-wise you’re dead in the water. (Seriously, you don’t have a Twitter account?)

Newspapers are slowly dying, as are magazines. Print ads are going the way of the dinosaur – too big and take up too many resources. Even mass mailings are passe considered by many to be non-P.C. (what a waste of the environment we think as we toss it into the recycle bin).

How do most of us get our information these days? The answer is right in front of you. Your computer.

Read More via The absolute beauty of blogs – spend your time where it counts – Savvy B2B Marketing.


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