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9 Jun

If you are late to the social game don’t spend too much time looking back because the future, as usual, is out in front of us.

As social media continues to mature into a valuable tool for businesses, accessibility of media shared platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are permanently changing the marketing landscape and how audiences are reached.

However, things are changing so rapidly that the way we think of social media could be vastly different in the very near future. In the next three years alone spending on social media marketing will skyrocket in the B2B space from $11 million in 2009 to $54 million by 2014, according to a Forrester Research study. With new tools like Gowalla and Shopkick shaping how brands and consumers interact, marketers are recognizing how positioning themselves as industry thought leaders can help generate quality leads.

Here are five trends to keep an eye on during the second half of 2011 that should propel the social media space into the next hemisphere.

1. Location, location, location

Brick-and-mortar outlets have long known that location is key to reigning in customers (and business success). However, as social media evolves the ability of micro location services to drive commerce and expand advertising and marketing opportunities will make tools like place-based saving application Shopkick, and incentive-based offers from Foursquare even bigger players this summer.

These micro location services offer deals and discounts when users “check in” at participating locations, and even local store owners now have the capability of offering incentives to people who tweet or check in each time they frequent a location.

While Foursquare revolutionized location-based services in social media, which essentially enable businesses to offer special discounts, mobile location services like Shopkick are figuring out the best ways to immediately monetize them.

The app allows users to collect “kickbucks” for checking in, as well as by scanning products in the store with mobile devices. And this also seems to be popular with marketers: Best Buy, American Eagle Outfitters, and Sports Authority are already onboard.

Keep an eye on new platforms this summer. Foodspotting is already garnering plenty of play among foodies, and Xtify’s geo-location technology is expected to allow brands to reach their target audience wherever they may roam.

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