PR: Top 13 Most Annoying Client Comments | Building Client Trust

20 May

Not that we don’t #LOVE and #ADORE our clients here at The Ardor Brand … because really, we do!  We also work on all of their own projects as thought they were our own … because technically, they are!

But, we couldn’t help finding the humor in a few of these client comments.  We’ve shared a couple of our favorites below.

1.“We really need this to make” – Oh, OK thanks for telling us because before you mentioned it, we weren’t planning on trying very hard.

2.‘“Which papers are going to use the story?” – Um – whichever papers decide it’s OK and that they’ll use it?

4.“Sorry but the release can’t be sent unless the brand name is in the intro paragraph” – OK fine, let’s get absolutely no coverage for you whatsoever. Not any. Not even a Sun Spot.

6.“Can you give me a reason WHY the story didn’t make?” Not unless I call every national news desk in the country and ask them directly, which will make us both look like complete tools.

7.“How many papers will the story make it into? – Hang on a second *looks deeply into crystal ball for updates on future murders, natural disasters etc*

12.“We need to make sure we get page leads with this one” – Oh, OK – could you just hand me that silver wand?

13.At 4pm: “are you able to send this story out to the nationals today?” – Are you in an entirely different time zone?

Really … if you’re doing this work … you’ve got to love your clients.  But you also have to take the time out and reassure them that there’s a reason you’re hired to do what you do.  This means, that one of the most important components of the relationship that you can build with the client is TRUST.  Once that’s established, it should be smooth sailing from there.  Ok, maybe not exactly smooth sailing, but easier, less halted, sailing.

Go forth and mind your business.  Well.  And #withARDOR.


READ MORE HERE: Top 13 Most Annoying Client Comments | 72 Point Blog.





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